Foto: Steen Olsen

Foto: Steen Olsen

About The Project

It is said that the eye is the window of the soul. EYE refers to the camera lens as an eye that views and documents its surroundings.

If you are resident in Greenland and you love to take photos and perhaps edit them in Photoshop or similar, and you are not a trained artist but you are, for example, a student, fire-fighter, fisherman or school teacher – you now have the chance to be featured in both the exhibition and the book.

EYE is an exciting photo project which will collect digital photos from amateur photographers from all over the country.

The project gives Greenland’s resident population the chance to have their unique digital photos exhibited and published.

The submitted photos will be judged and selected by an expert panel. These experts will choose the 40 best photos which will then be exhibited and also published in book form.


  • Involves the Greenlandic people
  • Offers a personal interpretation of our great country, its people and activities
  • Displays culture and natural features of towns and villages