The Expert Panel

ArnajaraqArnajaraq Støvlbæk (born 1976 in Copenhagen)
Arnajaraq is a qualified graphic artist from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, and has since 2010 been the
Director of the Taseralik Cultural Centre in Sisimiut. Established national and international names are in Arnajaraq’s portfolio, with the main strain being Nordic. In Taseralik he mediates art, music, theatre and dance in cooperation with local and international names. In this way Arnajaraq is building a bridge between Greenlandic culture and that of the outside world.

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AkáAka Hansen (born 1987 in Århus)
Aka is a part of the untamed wild of Greenland. She is at the forefront of Greenlandic film, and has made this her vocation. She makes, for example, TV programmes, documentaries and feature films, and is thus a force in shaping the still youthful film media in the country. Aká received Greenland’s first film prize – Innersuaq – in 2013, and still has a great appetite for the production and editing of film. She also works as a manuscript writer.

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IvarsIvars Silis (born 1940 in Riga)
Ivars has been taking photos for a generation and has countless publications to his name, both as a
photographer and a writer. Ivars’ photos revolve around man, the landscape and the forces of mighty nature. Driven by interest and curiosity he captures his closeness to and love of Greenland with his camera. Ivars has since 1964 been based in Greenland, but has been resident on a southern Swedish farm in recent years.

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